Poker Pro

The astounding popularity of Texas Hold ’em has thrown the nation into full-fledged Poker Mania. Now as never before, people are fascinated by the secret world of poker and the sophisticated secrets of professional cardsharps. We bring this exciting world to your party with safe, clean, jaw-dropping Casino Night entertainment by Poker Pro.

How does it work?

poker_pro1Every event is unique. Our entertainment approach will depend on factors such as size, time and the purpose of your party. Our performers and programs are versatile, and designed to work wonderfully no matter how you wish your event to be structured. The following programs have created lasting memories for our clients: Poker Pro Show is an exciting interactive experience that puts your audience into the shoes of an Expert Card Shark. For the first time, you?ll see what it’s like to beat the odds and win every time. Here are just a few of the things that await you in this new, one of a kind after-dinner show:

  • Discover the sophisticated secrets of professional card sharks!
  • Your Poker Pro will show you the power of your own body language. He’ll tell you what cards you’re holding just by the way you stand!
  • You’ll see a one-on-one game of poker between an experienced player from your audience and a first timer. Poker Pro takes beginners luck to a whole new level!
  • You’ll discover the hidden power of your own poker face!
  • Tap into your own Super Power Memory. Witness the techniques master players use to memorize your cards! You won’t believe the power of your own mind.

Poker Pro Mobile

poker_pro_01Our Poker Pro Performer circulates the room, demonstrating poker secrets, psychology and skill for the players at each table. These “mini-shows” normally run about ten minutes, and are tailored to match the “poker knowledge level” at each table. This is a great way to keep the excitement up during a casino party, and make sure all your guests see a real Poker Pro in action.

The Las Vegas Close-up Poker Show

Depending on the size, layout and purpose of your party, you may want our Poker Pro to perform one or more formal demonstration shows around your poker table. The formal program is totally interactive and works perfectly for groups of 5 and above. The size of the party dictates the number of shows. Poker exhibition shows run 20‑30 minutes, and are tailored specifically for your event. You won?t believe your guests? excitement when they see a show they know was built especially for them!

The Poker Pro Lounge

Often we’ve had clients choose to devote a Blackjack or Poker table to Poker Pro for the entire event! This way, your guests visit the Poker Pro Lounge at their own pace. Some guests stay for ten to fifteen minutes; some stay for hours! Perfect for guests that run out of chips; they’ll visit the most popular “loser lounge” party in history!

Fund raiser Program

Use Poker Pro to raise both your attendance and revenue! This exciting program gives your guests another thrilling way to spend their time, and money, at your casino night fund raiser.